The Bragg Brand Bootcamp

The Bragg Brand Bootcamp isn’t for everyone. However, if you are reading this, you are probably as passionate about your business as we are about ours. Bragg Brand Bootcamp is ideal for businesses in service-oriented industries with up to three decision makers who need their marketing tools now, not months too late.

Here’s how it works: 

You come to the Braggs. They come to you. Or video conference in. The Bragg Brand Bootcamps are designed with a mutual accountability for the agency and the client. Up to two days of your time is required as Heather and Mike Bragg become your dedicated marketing team.

What kind of work is involved?

Are you a startup and not sure where to begin? Are you an established business that needs to inject new energy into your brand? Whether it’s foundation work, an enhanced tune-up or a complete overhaul, the Braggs are the experts that give you everything you need no matter where you’re at with your business. We build actual marketing materials that you can use to sell your business in a matter of days.

Is this real? 

Yes! The Braggs don’t mess around. After the Bragg Strategy Session, Heather and Mike Bragg complete a lot of the creative work before the first Bragg Brand Bootcamp session.

Deliverables can include:

Your brand’s campaign messaging, logo with a full suite of marketing materials, a website with professional design, search engine optimization and content that is launched by the end of your Bragg Brand Bootcamp session.

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By the way

There is no obligation for a long-term marketing retainer. While the Braggs love long-term relationships with clients, what makes the Bragg Brand Bootcamps work so well is that they’re built on the idea that an agency should work with you, not against you. So, if an ongoing relationship doesn’t work for you, the Braggs won’t take offense. 

Case Studies

“Hiring Bragg Media is not an expense to my business, it is an investment.  An investment that has given me a bigger ROI than I could have imagined.

— Brent Nelsen, Barbers of the Lowcountry

Not ready for a Bragg Brand Bootcamp?

The Bragg Strategy Session is a good place to start.