Email is not dead.

With the right content and planning, email marketing is an excellent lead-generation tool.

In an age of texting and emoji speak, is email dead? The answer might surprise you. Active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion by 2019 and three-quarters of companies agree that email offers  and excellent to good ROI. However, the audience is finicky. Emails that display incorrectly on mobile are typically deleted within 3 seconds and 78% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because a company was sending too many.
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Inbound Email Marketing:

Why qualifying your audience is key

The truth about effective email marketing is that it only works when your message is in front of a qualified audience. As an inbound marketing agency, the Bragg Media team captures emails by offering free, helpful and no-fluff information the audience needs. We put the right pieces in place early on in the buyer’s journey.

Newsletters, drip email campaigns and automated email responses are an essential part of brand-building and storytelling. Inbound email marketing is another avenue for sharing quality content that your audience craves — from a free limited email series that educates to automated email responses when a visitor fills out an online form.

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Qualify Contacts

Calls to action for free ebooks, guides, discounts and articles that lead to a landing page with a form that collects pertinent information, and, most of all, preferences for the frequency and types of information.

Email Automation

Robust marketing decks that send emails at certain trigger points — when a user fills out an online form, leaves unpurchased items in the online store cart or hasn’t returned to the website in a certain length of time

Keep the Audience Interested

Our team builds trust with engaging email content that addresses your audience’s pain points and offers them a solution. At a time when people would rather communicate with emojis, less is sometimes more

Measure the Results

All of this sounds great, right? But how do you know if email marketing campaigns are working? We study the analytics by researching the open rate, the click through rate, the length of time the audience takes to read the email and the content type they’re interested in. We take this information and constantly refine it until it gets the required return on investment

Stand out with email marketing strategies that work

Did you know that there is a certain time and day of the week that is better to send an email? Did you know that 56% of brands using an emoji in the email subject line have a higher open rate than those that do not?

The Bragg Media team knows what it takes to maintain an effective inbound email marketing campaign. We follow email marketing best practices to ensure maximum deliverability. 

It’s no longer adequate to send “one-size fits all” messages to an audience already inundated with direct messages across all platforms. Bragg Media uses list segmentation and targeted campaigns to keep your audience engaged and to attract new customers to your business.


Relationship Building:

Personalized engagement that keeps a company name fresh in the minds of prospects and customers


Brand Awareness:

The audience will forget a brand quickly if time and effort isn’t spent reminding them about your business


Promote Content:

We leverage existing marketing assets such as blogs, web pages, ebooks, surveys, quizzes and calls to action


Educate about Products & Services:

If you don’t tell your audience about your business, what would happen? Nothing! Email marketing is a great way to keep your qualified leads interested.


Nurture Leads:

Ever heard of the “rule of seven”? This is a marketing adage that says that a customer has to see an ad 7 times before they remember it. Not everyone buys on the first day. Email marketing is a great way to warm up the potential customer until they’re ready to purchase.

What’s new with Email Marketing Compliance?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and email marketing laws apply to all businesses.

GDPR may sound like gobbledygook, but in the digital marketing industry’s considered best practices for protecting user privacy. The recent changes in online privacy laws are so stringent that email service providers won’t deliver email from domains or servers with poor reputations.

The Bragg Media team follows email regulations and compliance, because we consider the new rules a positive move for our digital culture that will make email marketing even more effective in the long run. Our staff consistently monitors industry changes to keep our customer’s programs aligned with current laws and regulations.

Now more than ever, your audience must want to receive you email. Enter quality content that your audience wants.

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Your Next Steps for the Best Email Marketing

The Bragg Media team stays on top of emerging trends in email marketing. We take advantage of  tactics, tools, or techniques that garner positive results. We always follow the best email marketing practices set by industry leaders to ensure that our clients get the most from their budget.

Inbound email marketing can sell every type of product and service as long as the business in has the right message for the right audience. By studying open rates, lead conversion and optimization strategies, all email marketing campaigns can improve until they become profit-earning powerhouses. We spot trends and adjust the plan as needed. As needs evolve, we transform the campaigns to match the newest objectives. This proactive approach that adapts to the constant changes in the digital space will keep your business moving forward.


Multi-channel is a must


GDPR compliance is required


Monitoring is a necessity as the program evolves


Branding and storytelling are more accessible than ever

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