An Agency for Other Agencies

The creative partner you need. The support you can trust.

Bragg Media fills a gap for other agencies with discreet creative support

Do you own a public relations firm and need print and digital support to fulfill your client’s marketing campaign? Are you a marketing department head who suddenly and without notice lost a key member of your staff? Are you a magazine or newspaper publisher who needs part-time advertising graphic design?

A typical small marketing agency can’t afford the time or costs associated with hiring full- or part-time support staff as they grow their business. Bragg Media’s team of professionals works well with other marketing agencies that need to outsource a variety of creative needs — from graphic design and content generation to social media and email marketing.

It’s not uncommon for agencies that occupy the same space to feel guarded and competitive. We offer a full slate of creative services in a discreet and respectable manner. We strive to become an extension of your team to provide the support you need.

Our firm has been receiving quality creative design work from Heather and Mike Bragg for nearly 10 years. They are very responsive, reliable and a pleasure to deal with.

Tom Gardo

Denarius Group

As an agency for other agencies, this is Bragg Media’s promise to you:


Provide high-quality, custom graphic design that is not from a template


Furnish native graphic design files if needed


Apply full transparency on expectations, costs, deliverables and timeframe


Meet all of your print and digital deadlines


Maintain strict confidentiality with signed mutual non-disclosure agreements


Treat you and your staff in a professional, friendly manner

At Bragg Media, we strive to work with other agencies — not against them — with the same mission we have for all of our clients: to help your business thrive with meaningful marketing services.

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