Who is Bragg Media?

A digital and traditional marketing agency

Bragg Media Marketing is a full-service marketing agency with a long track record of bringing quality and care to all of the businesses and organizations we represent. We work with startups, small- to mid-size businesses, non-profits and other marketing and creative agencies.

The Bragg Media team operate using an inbound marketing methodology that:

  • Attracts potential customers/audience with helpful information
  • Engages your audience, customers, strategic alliances and brand ambassadors to help them make a buying decision
  • Delights the audience to become repeat customers and to become brand ambassadors

A better way of doing business

Over the years, we have met many business owners who have been underserved by marketing agencies. The common threads in these experiences are a lack of attention to detail, little to no communication and inconsistent results.

At Bragg Media, we strive for long-lasting customer relationships. We believe in doing business the old-fashioned way: getting to know our customers.

How? The Bragg Media team discovers what makes our clients tick: business goals, industry trends, cash flow and staffing. We offer a streamlined process that keeps core creative services in house. This approach builds a pathway to success and makes room for growth.

Never compromise value.

The Bragg Media brand is known for high caliber work, transparency and results.

The size of the budget doesn’t matter. If Bragg Media is involved, we want our name to be synonymous with quality, value and professionalism.

Bragg Media has been doing the marketing for my CPA firm for about 9 months and the result is my average monthly revenue is up by 117%. Yes, that’s accurate. While the result is nice, what’s even better is Heather has provided direction and structure to my previously whimsical and ineffective efforts. Marketing was previously a source of stress for me – not anymore. To top it all off, the Bragg team are a bunch of great people!

Chris Hervochon

Better Way CPA

Behind the Screens

Heather Bragg

Heather Bragg

Founder & President

Mike Bragg

Mike Bragg

Chief Creative Officer

Katie Silva

Katie Silva

Account Manager

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