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Here’s what happens without marketing: NOTHING! 

It’s no secret new business startups face a unique set of challenges — especially at a time of economic uncertainty, divisive politics and rapidly changing  technology.

The one constant, however, is marketing. Good marketing should:

  • educate your community about your business
  • promote special events
  • communicate with current, past and future customers
  • cement a legacy.

“From the initial meeting to last minute corrections, your team made me feel at ease, listened to our input, provided easy to understand explanations and somehow synthesized all the gobbledygook I presented to create not only a logo, but so much more beyond my expectations.”
Glen Payne

Landscape Company Owner

What marketing should a startup prioritize?

Whether you need one, two, three or all of the below, Bragg Media has your back :

  • logo design with a full suite of branded material
  • new business press releases disseminated to local media
  • eye-catching website with lead-generation forms
  • social media and email marketing
  • ongoing marketing strategies




Small Business Owners Say That Finding New Customers is Top Concern


Small Business Owners See Great Value in Establishing New Customer Relationships

Website Design

Affordable website design with a process that works for you.

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Professional, convenient, flat-rate graphic design

Why hire a professional marketing agency at the startup stage?

Have you heard of entrepreneurial burn-out? It’s common for small business owners to wear many hats.  All of this multitasking prevents them from doing what they do best, which is running their business! DIY marketing may seem like less of a burden to your bottom line, but not when you take into account the soft costs of your time and stress from being overloaded.

Here are some key points if you are considering hiring Bragg Media marketing agency:


Our creative marketing services are essential tax deductions


You don’t have to pay employment taxes or benefits


Instead of hiring one employee, you have the expert talents of a multi-person team


As former journalists, we know how to tell your story and tell it well

How do I create a marketing budget for a startup business?

The Small Business Administration recommends that small businesses earning less than $5 million in annual revenue should spend between 7 to 8% of that revenue on marketing. That marketing budget includes brand awareness development (including website, blogs, social media, etc.) and direct promotion (advertising, sponsorships, etc.). A startup business’ marketing budget will depend on the industry, the revenue and the projected growth. If your business is not capable of handling a surge in growth over the next year, why spend like you can?


How to Create a Marketing Budget

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