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Why social media marketing isn’t going anywhere

Love it or hate it, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are part of the fabric of our contemporary culture. When it comes to business development, marketers consider social media a baseline marketing strategy to grow and gain new customers.

Whether you’re a startup business building your social media from scratch or a small to midsize company in need of new direction, Bragg Media digital marketing agency will develop and focus your social media marketing to produce results.

Social Media Marketing Bragg Media Marketing

How Social Media and Inbound Marketing work

As an inbound marketing agency, our goal is to turn complete strangers into people who engage with your business. What better way to accomplish this than with inbound social media marketing? Social media by design attracts potential customers to engage with your brand, to make a product purchase or to utilize your company’s services.

An important part of Bragg Media’s social media strategy is researching which social channels a business should include in their marketing. From there, the Bragg Media social media marketing team:

  • promotes helpful content to keep your audience interested
  • engages with your audience
  • manages your reputation online

According to Hubspot, 86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks.

Not every social media channel is appropriate for every industry. And not every business can afford to hire a digital marketing agency to post to every single social media outlet in cyberspace every single day. We offer scalable options for startup businesses, small to midsize companies, organizations and individuals. It starts with a Bragg Strategy Session.

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Reputation Management

Have you received a negative review? Are you concerned that it puts your business in a negative light and will deter potential customers from calling you?

Not responding to a negative review is worse than receiving a negative review.

Bragg Media offers experienced reputation management services that turns a negative review into an opportunity to show off your company’s quality customer service while building relationships with your customers through stellar professionalism.

Today’s consumers typically use search engines to vet a company before making a buying decision. This means they often check out a company’s customer reviews on Facebook, Yelp or Google. Because of this social media has become a cornerstone element in how search engines rank your website. Whether to lodge a complaint, sing your praises or ask a question, social media is where your audience wants to interact with you.

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How do you know if social media is working?

That’s where Bragg Media comes in. Our social media team studies the analytics for organic and paid social media marketing. We measure their effectiveness and track our clients’ return on investment — including purchase points, site visits, registrations, etc.

Paid vs. Organic Social Media Marketing

Heather and Mike Bragg implement organic and paid social media marketing strategies to leverage the best results.

Organic social media marketing mainly involves posting helpful content relative to your business — such as brand imagery, company news, product or service information and even videos. Our marketing team develops an editorial calendar with a focused strategy to build your brand rather than simply sharing content at random.

When our clients hear the words “paid social media advertising,” their first reaction is to become concerned with the costs involved. Even a modest investment in paid social media — which includes retargeting ads and boosted posts — can render tremendous results for your business. However, paid social media advertisement is only effective as long as there is a targeted, flexible plan in place.


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Facebook Marketing
Still Reigns Supreme

Facebook is the founding father of social media (sorry, MySpace). Its longevity doesn’t seem to be affected by recent scandals with privacy laws either. With a reported 2 billion monthly active users, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media network remains the largest with 79% of Americans holding an account.

Facebook is often chided as a colorful patchwork of cat photos, political memes and community news, but it remains a legitimate virtual place where people engage with businesses. In recent years, Millennials and Gen Z users have fled the social media site, leaving behind a growing base of Gen X and Baby Boomer users.

More than 50 million companies have a Facebook page for their business. Those businesses are expected to generate a combined $21.6 billion in ad revenue in the U.S. alone in 2018. While print advertising spending is on a steady decline, Facebook ad spending is expected to grow more than 11% in 2019 alone.

How to use Facebook groups

Instagram is where to reach a younger audience

Instagram is easily one of the most powerful social media platforms for businesses to brand themselves and to engage with potential customers. Since the 2016 election, many users have fled the vitriolic political conversations of Facebook for the easygoing experience of Instagram.

This photo-only social application is especially important for targeting younger adults — 60% of its users are between the ages of 18-29. Also owned by Facebook, Instagram keeps the experience engaging with such features as:

  • Instagram TV, where users can publish longer videos
  • Instagram stories, temporary photos and videos that can be altered with fun filters, stickers and animated gifs
  • Story highlights, which opens up the opportunity for small to midsize businesses to have fun with their marketing


U.S. Instagram Users Under 30


Online Adults who Use Instagram

SOURCE:  Hootsuite

Pinterest Produces Surprising Results

Pinterest is not for moms looking for recipes or crafts any more. This growing social media outlet has more than 500,000 business accounts and 70 million users. The pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet and 1,600 times longer than the lifespan of a Facebook post.

Twitter Helps Position Expert Status

More customers flock to Twitter to communicate directly their customer service concerns, questions about products or services and even praise for a job well done. However, the strategy for Twitter marketing is not the same as pinning on Pinterest or posting on Facebook. The more than 313 million monthly active Twitter users use this social platform for interaction only.

LinkedIn Dominates the B2B Market

LinkedIn is the largest business to business social media network out there, with an estimated 562 million users. This social media site is all about building relationships and networks through word-of-mouth marketing. LinkedIn marketing can help you position your company as a thought leader and attract people to engage with your company in a professional manner. Completed LinkedIn company pages typically receive twice as many visitors than those with incomplete pages. And organizations that post at least monthly generally gain followers six times faster than those who don’t.

YouTube Is In It for the Long Haul

Have you ever Googled “how to [fill in the blank]” and noticed videos instantly pop up in the search results? YouTube is accessed in 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the world’s population. YouTube content is great for a business’ SEO strategy because it has a very long lifespan. By uploading great videos just once a month you can create long-standing content that will engage visitors.

Why should I hire a marketing agency for social media?

A professional social media marketing team will develop a successful strategy, execute quality content and provide rich analytics that will generate leads and customers. Bragg Media marketing agency has been managing successful social media campaigns for startups and small to midsize companies throughout the Lowcountry and Savannah GA.


We know how, when and where to tell a story.


We understand the complexities of each unique social media outlet.


We measure results and adapt campaigns for the best ROI.


We integrate custom branded graphic design.


We use videos to tell your story.


We stay on top of emerging social media trends.

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