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The Bragg Brand Bootcamps are fluid for your unique situation. We make these service packages work in your best interest. Below are typical starting points.

Add-on marketing services are available.


Bragg Start-Up

Getting ready to launch a new business, but you need … well … everything from the ground-up? Already have a great-looking website but hate the messaging? Don’t have a social media presence and need help?  Enter the Bragg Start-Up. We take what we have learned from the Strategy Session to create and/or enhance your company’s brand messaging.

Typical service package includes:
You are not limited to the services listed below. 

  • A new logo design or enhanced logo
  • Social media set-up and enhancement
  • Professional, sleek marketing materials, such as business card and a brochure or rack card
  • A one- to two-page fully branded website with lead capture forms and lite search engine optimization


The Strategy Session investment is included in this cost.

Bragg Tune-Up

The Bragg Tune-Up is ideal for already established businesses that need to inject new life into their brand identity with strategy, creatives and enhanced digital marketing to reach their business goals.

An amplified version of the Bragg Start-Up:

  • more marketing materials
  • more marketing planning
  • more content generation
  • a more robust, multi-page website with added functionality
  • added digital marketing services including email, social media and other marketing automation from HubSpot


The Strategy Session investment is included in this cost. 

The HubSpot marketing automation platform is an optional third party investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

Step One:

The Bragg Brand Bootcamps start with a Strategy Session, where we interview your team to find out why your business is worth bragging about. In the end, you have a written document that lays out a path for success — including ideas, strategies and suggestions on how to reach your ideal audience.

Step Two:

Then, you enter the Bragg Bootcamp process: You’ll have the Bragg Media team all to yourself. You come to us. We come to you. Or we video conference with screen shares. The Bootcamps are split into two sessions convenient for your schedule. Each Bootcamp session is two hours long. 

Before the first Bootcamp session, the Bragg Media team completes a majority of the creative work. We want to spend time with you in the most efficient way possible — using in-person feedback to hone in on a brand that works for you. 

Step Three:

Then, the Bragg Media team tweaks the creative deliverables according to your input, so that during the final Bootcamp session, we are ready to launch and talk next steps.

What do next steps look like?

Perhaps you’re a do-it-yourselfer and want to know how to make changes to your website? We will train key members of your staff.  Or if you don’t have time for DIY marketing and prefer to hire an agency, we have ongoing marketing programs to help reach your goals.

After the Strategy Session, the Bragg Media team knows your business so well, a monthly marketing retainer oftentimes just makes sense. Either way, the choice is yours. There is no obligation for a monthly service contract.

Who is an ideal candidate?

The Bragg Brand Bootcamp works best for service-oriented businesses. We only work with up to three decision makers because we want to fulfill a promise of quality and timeliness.

Why do I have to be involved in the process?

The Bragg Brand Bootcamps build in accountability. For the client, this means that you will need to offer feedback, quickly. For the Bragg team, this means we are your dedicated marketing agency with one goal in mind: plotting a course for success.

Can’t you just design a website?

Yes! We can.

However, if you’ve read this far, you need a lot more. What differentiates the Bragg Brand Bootcamps is that you come out of the process with a lot more than a website; you receive your entire brand messaging.

We don’t believe in the spaghetti test-style of marketing — throwing ideas and hoping they stick. This process includes research, interviews and an action plan on how to reach your marketing goals.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself website builders that can give you a digital presence. It’s the marketing, messaging and creative that sparks the emotional connection with your audience and builds trust so that new customers will pick up the phone and call you.

What happens after the Bragg Bootcamp?

What happens next is up to you! Again, there is no obligation for a monthly marketing retainer. We love long-term relationships with clients, and we’d love to have one with you. However, the Bragg Brand Bootcamp process works because an agency should work with you, not against you. So, if an ongoing relationship doesn’t work for you, we won’t take offense.

If there is a problem after the Bootcamp, what do I do?

The Bragg Bootcamps are built with a 30-day client safety net in case you have any questions or run into any major issues. This is primarily for limited website support.

For clients who are not tech savvy, we strongly recommend hosting your site for $100 per month with Bragg Media, which includes regular maintenance, minor text changes as needed and software/plugin updates.

If you need ongoing marketing support, Bragg Media would love to work with you. We love long-term relationships with our clients. 

After the Strategy Session, the Bragg Media team knows your business so well, a monthly marketing retainer oftentimes is a natural fit. Either way, the choice is yours. There is no obligation for a monthly service contract.

I feel fortunate to have found Bragg Media’s Bootcamp. From the initial meeting to last minute corrections, your team made me feel at ease, listened to our input, provided easy to understand explanations and somehow synthesized all the gobbledygook I presented to create not only a logo, but so much more beyond my expectations.

— Glen Payne, Riverside Land Group

Case Studies

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