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A professional website that you control

Bragg Media converts Canva website templates into WordPress websites

Create a website in Canva. 

We will turn it into a WordPress website.

We understand the need and importance of controlling your business’ aesthetics — including the website. Canva’s customizable website templates are attractive and look professional. You can even embed them into a website. However, Canva websites don’t come out of the box as a fully functional website — including:

  • Responsive design: The Canva website doesn’t automatically resize with mobile devices
  • Lead generation: The Canva website doesn’t come with online forms to capture information from customers
  • Visibility: Canva doesn’t set you up with the Search Engine Optimization tools you need to show up in Google search results.
  • Hosting: You can publish your website on Canva, but a professional website has a dedicated hosting platform with a dedicated domain

Why WordPress?

Whether you’re an artist, a yoga instructor, a baker or a B2B entrepreneur, WordPress has the capability to grow as you grow. You can start small and add more features later on as you need them. Your website will look just as beautiful as the Canva website templates with the added benefit of helping your business grow with a digital presence that is truly website ready.

WordPress is a content management system on which a website is built. Not only does it check all of the boxes for mobile friendliness, online forms and security, WordPress also is easy to use and very attractive to search engines. In fact, WordPress powers 35% of the web — including Fortune 500s such as Sony and the Forbes blog.

How does a WordPress Canva conversion work?

One-Page Website for $795
Website Hosting for $80 per month

We’ll turn your Canva designs into a WordPress website. The total base price starts at $500 for a one-page website with hosting an extra $80 per month.  Costs can vary depending on the complexity of your designs. This website program only works if you have a Canva website template with the content already completed. Included in your new website:


A 1 page WordPress website that is mobile friendly*

Premium WordPress plugins to aid in your site’s Search Engine Optimization, speed, lead-generating forms
Secure website hosting during the duration of the payment period

* Additional costs may be incurred if your website is more than one page.

You own your website

We hand over expanded admin privileges with full ownership rights to the website upon launch.

Your support partner

We don’t fall off the face of the earth. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients. We’re available to answer any questions you have. We’re transparent on terms, prices and deliverables. We also have several flexible marketing programs you can choose once you’re ready to grow.

Security & reliability

The secure website hosting is only available during the five-month installment period. After that time, the cost for website hosting is $80 per month — which includes:

  • Global Edge Security
  • small changes to the website including text and photo additions
  • regular updates to plugins and software
  • troubleshooting any problems with your website

What’s the next step?

Create your Canva template

If you haven’t already, use Canva’s website templates to create the look and feel you’re after

Set up a consultation

During this phone or Zoom meeting, we’ll look over your creation, offer suggestions and create a plan to move forward

Enjoy your beautiful website

We take your templates and convert them into a beautiful WordPress website that is worth bragging about; depending on the complexity of your website, this can take between 2-6 weeks

Learn how to use WordPress

Empower yourself with a training session on how to use your new WordPress website via Zoom video conference
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Ready to get started?

Schedule a discovery call today. We need some more information to get started.

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“Never have I had the quality of service that was given me by Bragg Media. The results have been quick and effective. My new website has received great reviews by my peers as well as some of my clients.”

— Stephen Moscowitz, fine artist

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