Sprout Momma Breads

Growing the reach of an artisan bread company

The Bragg Media team launched a creative brand awareness campaign for Sprout Momma Breads, an artisan bakery that went from a farmers market favorite to a brick-and-mortar bakery on Hilton Head Island within two years. We set up creative social media campaigns, regular email newsletters, special events and public relations strategy. Sprout Momma increased their customer base at their new bakery and their volume of wholesale customers that include local high-profile restaurants and grocery stores. After Bragg Media launched Sprout Momma’s brand awareness campaign, we provided training along with all graphic design files, illustrations and photos to allow their in-house team to take over.

Sprout Momma Breads off Beach City Road Hilton Head Island

Heather is magic in a bottle!
Without her and Bragg Media my business wouldn’t be where it is today …

Ryan Fennessey

Sprout Momma Breads

Sprout Momma Social Media Marketing
Ryan Fennessey and Kim Tavino of Sprout Momma Breads
Ryan Fennessey, Head Baker of Sprout Momma Breads

Creative Process

A two-year brand awareness campaign to grow a wider customer base and to develop new revenue streams 

Kim Tavino is a long-time restaurant owner on Hilton Head Island. After taking years off to pursue other endeavors, including personal training and nutrition, Kim invented healthy and delicious sprouted breads from her home kitchen. When she launched Sprout Momma Breads, she and her son Ryan Fennessey, who is the head baker, were renting a kitchen at the Piggly Wiggly in Coligny Shopping Center. 

Sprout Momma’s marketing success is a direct result of the talent, the passion and hard work of Kim, Ryan and Abby Fennessey, Kim’s daughter who later joined the team. Once people try Sprout Momma breads, they become life-long fans. Their customer base includes health conscious people who love the idea that the breads are made with plant-based sprouted dough that the body processes like a vegetable instead of sugary carbs. The demand for their breads naturally gave way to other services and products including catering, sandwiches and a mobile pizza oven using their sprouted dough. Eventually, they moved their operations from Piggly Wiggly to a brick-and-mortar on Hilton Head Island




The Challenge

When Bragg Media started working with Sprout Momma Breads, there wasn’t a physical location for the bakery. In reality, this was less of a challenge and more of an opportunity. Our team set up creative grassroots marketing that emphasized the story behind the breads: health conscious, plant-based, delicious and an essential part of local farmers markets. The heart of the business was Kim and Ryan — who are passionate about what they do. We tapped into this emotional energy to tell their story.

Initial Marketing Set-Up

The first order of business for Sprout Momma was to visually capture the healthy aspects of their breads through photography. We took photos of best-selling breads outdoors, emphasizing the organic nature of their products. We used the photos, the logo already in place and rustic typography to design marketing collateral and a mobile-friendly website with heartfelt content. Additionally, we updated their Facebook page, started an Instagram account and set up several other online accounts to cast a wider net.

Organic Digital Marketing

Bragg Media maintained Sprout Momma’s website with blogs of recipes, health tips and videos; in-take forms for people interested in catering; and forms to gather e-mail subscriptions. 

We carried the Sprout Momma story over to social media with eye-catching photos along with content that educated their audience on the health aspects of their breads while promoting events.

Finally, we established a regular e-newsletter to a targeted audience from the website and farmers markets that included company news, menus, recipes and videos.

Brand Awareness Events & Public Relations Campaign

Bragg Media helped nurture relationships with wholesale customers with a custom designed media kit that positions Sprout Momma as a boutique food product. Additionally, we developed a continuing nutrition and cooking program for kids in conjunction with Whole Foods on Hilton Head.

As Sprout Momma continued to grow, we secured press coverage in The Island Packet, Hilton Head Monthly magazine and local TV news stations.


Sprout Momma Over-Sized Brochure with Double Parallel Fold
Sprout Momma Rack Card
Sprout Momma Website
Sprout Momma Kids in the Kitchen Event
Sprout Momma Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Sprout Momma breads at farmers market