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If you have a new Tarot business or life coaching business, one of the first goals should be to grow your e-mail subscribers. These are the people who want to hear from you. They have researched your business. They like what they’ve seen so much that they want to hear more from you. And in some cases, they are ready to make a buying decision.

E-mail marketing is a great way to promote service offerings, discounts, new products, upcoming events … and free downloadable content!

But how do you create content to keep your current subscribers interested while attracting new ones at the same time? That’s where inbound marketing comes in. Unlike outbound marketing — ads that you pay for — inbound marketing relies on building trust by offering quality content, including free downloadable ebooks, workbooks, guides and more. 

Here’s more information on how this works, how to develop your own quality content and some ideas to help get you motivated.


What is free downloadable content?

In marketing speak, downloadable content is often referred to as a lead magnet — a page on your website with an online form that collects contact information. Typically, downloadable content offers a free service, content or product in exchange for contact information. This can be anything from downloadable PDF guides to on-demand virtual workshops/classes and from white papers to trial subscriptions.

Ideally, when someone signs up, their contact information is saved into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where they are segmented by their interests. Then, marketing efforts specifically target those people. For instance, an astrologer who offers a free horoscope personality profile could send e-mails to those who signed up for the profile whenever they have discounts.

However, lead generation content ideas for Tarot readers, spiritual advisors and life coaches aren’t as easy to come by. We did some brainstorming and came up with some great ideas that will keep your audience interested and excited about your brand.

Marketing Plan Ebook + Workbook

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A marketing ebook + workbook that walks you through each section of a marketing plan and loaded with free resources.

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Generally, ebooks educate, help build trust and gain credibility in your industry. Any solopreneur who is wearing many hats will likely groan at the thought of creating an ebook. Don’t let the word “ebook” put expectations of Dickensian proportions in your mind.

An ebook can be as simple as “Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Mornings” — a PDF that details your personal mode of mindfulness, links to helpful meditations and recommended reading list; similarly, a self-care calendar download with examples to nurture yourself could be fun to produce and easy to promote on social media.

Expand on your niche. How can an ebook enhance your business or educate your audience on how to be a good customer? If you are a Tarot reader who specializes in career planning and development,  create a download with “Top 5 Career Spreads.” Biddy Tarot’s brand has become synonymous with Tarot training. Many of her ebooks help augment the training and certification program offered on the website, such as “Top 10 Tarot Cards” for the most popular Tarot reading inquiries.

Masterclasses or Online Courses

Keep your audience engaged by teaching them something new. Many people seeking a Tarot reader, spiritual advisor or life coach are troubled with an aspect of their lives that they can’t explain. How can your content help people feel more connected or more focused on self-care and self-awareness? What are some things you do in your own self-care practice that could benefit others?

In today’s always-on digital world, professionals don’t know how to turn off and be present. Create an on-demand webinar that people sign up for and watch any time they want. This would be a great way to reach these individuals. Some webinar ideas could include:

  • How to meditate
  • The importance and the benefits of setting intentions
  • How to journal using a daily Tarot pull
  • The power of manifestation
  • Creating your own sacred space

Do some research. Sign up for a free online class from someone in your industry to get an idea of how this works. Don’t copy someone else’s idea. It’s OK to draw inspiration from someone, but you are doing your own brand a disservice by trying to compete with identical content. Instead, add your unique twist.

Fillable PDFs

Workbooks are a great way to keep your clients interested and interacting. Hire a good designer or create an eye-catching design in Canva that is professional, fun and engaging.

Here are some fillable PDF ideas for Tarot readers and life coaches:

  • Many workbooks could be used with an online course or separately. Include an area where clients can take notes or answer questions based on what they learn.
  • Tarot readers who want to offer their clients a little something extra might benefit from a fillable PDF Tarot journal with questions that prompt further exploration.
  • Life coaches who want their client to set goals might offer checklists or goal tracking lists.

E-mail Series

Whether daily, weekly or monthly, an e-mail series will keep your Tarot brand or life coaching brand at the forefront of your subscribers’ minds. This could be either something you pre-write and pre-schedule or create as needed. If someone signs up for an e-mail series, you can program your e-newsletter system, such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Constant Contact, to send e-mails on a certain schedule.

Here are some e-mail series ideas:

  • A weekly e-mail highlighting a Tarot card with information on the meaning of the card, how to draw inspiration from the card and other free online content.
  • Daily self-care tips with an inspirational quote.
  • A full moon Tarot card spread and ritual
  • Weekly recipes and meal planning tips for healthy living


Kits group multiple content together into one, free offer for your clients.

Save time by repurposing content you already have made — such as an ebook, fillable workbook and masterclass. Some examples include:

  • If you have a meditation workbook, create guided meditation videos.
  • Offer a Tarot 101 Kit with ebooks, workbooks and videos on how to choose your deck, how to create a sacred space, useful spreads to help with your daily life, etc.
  • Life coaches might want to begin client relationships with a “Goal-Setting Kit” — downloadable checklists, aligning intentions with goals, tracking goals, affirmations, etc.

Consider coming up with a catchy brand name for your kit that aligns with your Tarot or life coaching philosophy.

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