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Trust is a valuable commodity for every industry — but especially for Tarot readers who are imparting advice or insight about someone’s life.

Today’s audience is already skeptical of blatant sales and marketing tactics. The misconceptions and stigma surrounding Tarot mean that you have to work even harder than other industries to build trust with your audience. Before a prospective client makes an appointment, they need to know that you are reputable, have experience and operate with strong ethics to provide meaningful readings.

The more professional your Tarot business is presented online, the easier it is to open doors of opportunity.

Inbound marketing creates organic relationships with your audience — turning them from an interested lead into a customer who becomes one of your best referral sources. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that attracts, engages and delights your audience until they’re ready to make a buying decision.

Techniques often include:

The ultimate idea is to reach people on their terms, so that they don’t feel pressured to purchase. Instead, inbound marketing creates a natural relationship with your customer. Read on to discover how this can work for you.

Blogs build doorways to your website

When you interpret your own Tarot reading, how often did you search on Google for someone else’s take on a particular card’s meaning or to find a new Tarot spread for a particular issue? 

That’s how your customers will find you.

If someone wants to know how Tarot readings can shed light on their love life, your blog post might catch their attention. Or if a potential customer is struggling with self-esteem issues and researches how a Tarot reading can empower them, your blog post could inspire them to make an appointment with you.

The key is to write blog posts that target your particular audience. Do you only do love readings? Do you specialize in career or entrepreneurship? Do you use Tarot in your psychotherapy practice? Articles with keywords that pertain to the type of business you want will help you manifest the client base you need for your Tarot business.

Other important features of a well-executed blog post include punchy headings that grab attention, subheads that break up content so it’s easier to read, valuable information with high-quality writing that addresses a user’s query, a fast website that loads content quickly and aesthetics that represent your Tarot business in a professional manner.

Through this experience, your blog will build trust with your customer in multiple ways. Here’s how:

  • Your site appears in search results. While anyone can be found on Google, having an established site in the search results makes you look more professional than fly-by-night businesses.
  • Your website is professionally designed and well-branded throughout. A good-looking and easy-to-navigate website comes across as more professional, which signals to a client that you take your business seriously.
  • Your brand is easy to understand. The end user should feel comfortable that they are on the right track when they see your website’s relevant branding.
  • The content provides value. This is the most important part of inbound marketing because it’s integral to building trust with the client. High-quality content establishes that your business is worth the user’s time and encourages them to see what else you offer now that your business has proven to be informative.

With smart Search Engine Optimization techniques (this article offers some great ideas), your blog posts will generate more traffic and ultimately more potential customers to your website. Keep in mind that climbing the rankings in search engine results takes time but can lead to big results.

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Marketing tactics that keep your audience engaged

Once you have attracted your potential customer with a blog, keep them coming back for more with fun ways that keep them engaged. This could include regular Tarot card reading videos on Facebook and YouTube, e-newsletters that offer a new moon Tarot layout, instructional videos on how to smudge a Tarot deck, ebooks with DIY spreads or Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on social media.

If you’re new to your Tarot business, concentrate on evergreen content — timeless topics that never go out of style and can be consumed by your readers any time. This information will live on the Internet and eventually have a compounding effect with your website’s Search Engine Optimization — bringing in traffic for years to come.

Some evergreen content ideas include:

  • blog posts on Tarot cards that encourage healing,
  • fillable PDF workbook journals,
  • Frequently Asked Questions on what people can expect from a reading,
  • videos on how to spot red flags with unscrupulous Tarot readers, etc.

Create a community on social media

Whether or not you are comfortable on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, social media will have to be an essential part of your marketing efforts. Think of social media as a gateway to creating an amazing community with potential customers, existing customers, fellow Tarot card readers, friends and family.

Host virtual events, live video readings or a daily Tarot card inspirational message. With consistency, you will build awareness of your Tarot business and engage with your peeps at the same time. This feeling of community is what many people who are interested in Tarot are seeking. It also makes them more comfortable doing business with you because you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there.

Build your fan base by including a call to action at the end of all of your blog posts that invites them to connect with you on social media or to sign up for an e-newsletter. It’s important to keep the relationship going if you want to see success from your marketing efforts.

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 Keep in touch with an active and useful e-newsletter

A regular newsletter that provides rich content that interests your readers is a strong way to keep the conversation going because you will be in their inbox on a regular basis.

Delight your audience with fun Tarot tips, how to survive Mercury in retrograde, a card of the week, discount codes for services, links to interesting Tarot topics that would interest your client, new service offerings, etc.

To help build your e-mail subscribers, offer a free ebook for signing up. The ebook does not have to be long, but it does need to be useful and well-formatted. Remember that you want this content to establish trust with your clients. It should look professional and tell them things they will find interesting and useful.

Final words of wisdom

When it comes to preparing your marketing strategies, think about who your ideal client is. Pull some Tarot cards to find out: What are their interests? What are their needs? Why are they seeking Tarot? How can you help them in their journey to self-discovery? The more your inbound marketing content can provide a feeling of fulfillment, the more useful  people will find the content and your Tarot business.

By providing this value and establishing your business as a trustworthy place, you’ll have happier clients more interested in doing business with you long term.

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