Marketing 101:

How to plan for marketing that works

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A workbook and guide for entrepreneurs.

Marketing that doesn’t produce results is … just plain frustrating. Stop spaghetti testing — throwing ideas and hoping they stick. Learn how to create a real marketing plan that fits your unique industry, business and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing, and this ebook will help you take a critical look at your business and your marketing. The end result? You will have the information you need to develop a strategic marketing plan.

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With this guide, you’ll receive:

How to identify your audience

To identify marketing goals that align with your business goals (includes worksheets to help you get started)


The best times to post on social media platforms


The questions every business owner should be asking themselves and their team


How to define your business differentiation


An outline for a strategic marketing plan with resources and tips throughout

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