Chiron Regenerative medicine

Website Design for a Healthcare Organization

Bragg Media provided website redesign services for Chiron regenerative medicine provider


Chiron is an organization that sources, evaluates, and distributes the best-in-class regenerative and restorative medicine therapy options commercially available for patients. They are based in Atlanta, GA.

Chiron’s team created an initial website using Square Space with limited functionality and limited aesthetics. Bragg Media redesigned the website with a goal of enhancing Chiron’s brand to evoke trust and professionalism. We also redeveloped the website to include lead-generation forms throughout integrated with automated workflows that include thank you pages and e-mails to the end user. 

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    Website Development
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    Search Engine Optimization
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    Chiron already offers a treatment plan that aids in the healing process for nearly every part of the human body. They now sought to grow their network of participating health care providers and patients.


      To develop a new website that targets their core audience — healthcare providers and patients who qualify for the regenerative medicine treatment plan —it was important to pre-qualify the audience, to educate the audience and to build trust in a growing industry.


          To appeal to the target market audience, we crafted separate messaging. For patients, we empathized with their frustrations over not being as active as they would like to be. For healthcare providers, we took them step-by-step through how the treatment plan works, including the common outcomes. 


            The new Chiron website has an intuitive design — with messaging and clear calls to action for patients and for healthcare providers. We pre-qualified the audience with offers for downloadable information about the treatment plan and fun videos that showcase important information in an entertaining format. Additionally, we integrated the website with HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, so every form-fill automatically segments potential leads. 


            Chiron's website before was built on Square Space


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