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Marketing Consulting for Small Businesses and Individuals in Bluffton SC and Savannah GA

For many small businesses and individuals in Bluffton SC or Savannah GA, marketing tends to come to a sudden standstill when confronted with the costs of outsourcing. At the same time, there is an unlimited amount of free online marketing tools and resources, how do you know which will help you achieve your business goals?

Bragg Media full-service marketing agency in Bluffton SC offers custom consultation packages that address your specific traditional and digital marketing needs. DIY marketing in Bluffton SC and Savannah GA takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to produce the results you need to meet your business goals.

Do you have a marketing plan?

Learn how to build effective marketing with these worksheets, online resources, best practices and exercises.

Not sure where to get started?

Book a Bragg Brand Strategy Session today!

How can a marketing agency help DIY marketing?

With so many marketing channels and varied advice at your fingertips, finding the right focus for your DIY marketing can be challenging. Bragg Media’s team of marketing professionals can help you:


Determine your business and marketing goals


Identify your target market audience


Research your audience’s pain point, motivations and behavior


Develop objectives on how to reach your audience


Create short- and long-term marketing plans with benchmarks to measure results


Train you and your staff on how to market your company in an effective way

Are you ready for an agency?

Here are four key points to consider before you begin your marketing agency search.

What’s next for DIY marketing?

Bragg Media offers consultation services to jumpstart your business so you can achieve your goals. Keep in mind that as marketing consultants, we will teach and train you, but we won’t do the work for you. These consultation packages are for people who are willing to put the work in.


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