when to rebrand your business

Remember that logo you had developed a few years ago (make that 10 years ago)? Your business logo could be embroidered on polo shirts. It might be embedded in your e-mail signature. You paid good money for it to be laser-cut and mounted to your storefront.

Whenever the idea of rebranding comes up, you mentally tally up the costs of replacing everything. Nope. Too expensive. Another year goes by, maybe two years. Your logo looks the same while neighboring businesses and your competition have changed their brands.

A rebrand can drum up new interest for your business. A new brand identity or even a brand refresher signals to your current customers and potential customers that there’s something new and great about your business.

But how do you know when you’re ready for a rebrand?

Your logo no longer matches what your business offers

Has your business changed so dramatically that you offer different services and products than when you first started? If your logo reflects outdated services or products, it could be attracting customers your business no longer serves. A logo can be an opportunity to attract the customers that can help your business grow.

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Your website is all kinds of wrong

As your business evolves, your digital footprint needs to change along with it. If your website contains outdated information or even incorrect information, it could be working against your business. Was your logo awkwardly forced to fit in the header of your website because the web designer couldn’t make the square version of your logo fit the template?

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Your logo looks like every other business logo

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Trendy fonts and graphics can be a lot of fun. However, what looked fun and hip in the ‘90s risks looking outdated and overused in a few years. When it comes to brand identity, trends have a timestamp.

Your logo lacks consistency

Have you tried to put a BAIND-AID on your logo’s overall look? You might have downloaded a new free font for your tagline — something to give your brand much needed pizzazz. But not everyone on your team knows that they’re supposed to use THAT font. Plus, you forgot the name of the font and where you downloaded it in the first place. Or the shade of blue from your original brand identity has somehow morphed over the years. Somehow, the blue comes across as a blue-green and how did that happen anyway?

Your logo has become an eyesore

Be honest.

When you look at your logo, do you feel proud or do you feel embarrassed?

How you feel about your brand identity should reflect how you feel about your business. Your brand identity is like a superhero’s emblem. It’s the badge, the moniker, the symbol that should evoke confidence, expert status, trust and pride.

The trick is to find a marketing agency or creative professional who takes the time to get to know you and your business. They will make the rebrand process fun and inspiring. The end result is a brand identity that looks years ahead.

Ready to get started? Check out Bragg Media’s brand identity process here.

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