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Launching a new business can be daunting — to say the least.

Of all the details that come with starting a new business, marketing is arguably the most important. Marketing launches your business into the public consciousness. How can you make money if people don’t know you exists?

Imagine getting all of the basic marketing materials you need for a new business — a logo, business cards, a flyer design, a few social media graphics, a postcard design, etc.

Creating your brand’s first marketing pieces

Solopreneurs, small businesses, midsize businesses and large enterprises might have different operational needs but they have the same upfront creative needs. This includes a logo, business cards, business stationery (letterhead, envelope and notepad), brochure or rack card, social media graphics and more.

For new businesses that need brand identity design, the Advanced Graphic Design package offers a complete brand starter’s kit starting at $1,500 — including a non-trademarked logo with all of the necessary files and up to 7 more projects.

 A real estate company, for instance, could use the brand starter kit to create new property listing slide deck templates, fillable PDF sales sheets, new listing brochure templates and even social media graphics. 

Other ideas on how to use the Bragg Media Branding Starter Kit include:

  • A menu design if you’re opening a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop or bar
  • An infographic design explaining how your business/services work for new customers
  • An infographic design explaining COVID-19 safety protocols — or just general health & safety protocols, depending on your business
  • A coupon or gift certificate design
  • An e-newsletter graphic or design
  • A Google ad design or an ad design for delivery apps
  • A brochure design
  • A downloadable PDF design to put on your website
  • A t-shirt design or any other type of merch design

Our process is simple: After you sign up for new branding, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your business — from aesthetics to purpose. Then, you’ll meet with a dedicated project manager to go over the details. This ensures everyone is on the same page.

Marketing Plan Ebook + Workbook

cover of how to create a marketing plan ebook and workbook

A marketing ebook + workbook that walks you through each section of a marketing plan and loaded with free resources.

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Convenient low price.

Website Design

Affordable website design with a process that works for you.

Building your brand beyond the logo

Are you wondering, “Sure, graphic design, sounds great. But how do I get the right customers to buy from my business?” 

Sometimes, you also need a little help figuring out what exactly your brand is. You may know what your business goals are, but you might struggle to communicate with your customers.

If you’re not sure how to communicate your brand’s message to the right audience, our team can help guide you along the way with a professional marketing plan. This includes a two-hour consultative meeting, where we interview up to three people on your team to discuss everything from business goals to aesthetics and from sales efforts to marketing campaigns and ideas. In the end, you have a document filled with strategies, campaign ideas and more to help you plan for the future.

Do you need all of the above?

Do you need all of the above?


Business cards, letterhead and other foundational marketing materials?

Marketing plan?


For startups, solopreneurs and even established businesses that need to inject new life into their brand, we have a special program for you. Our branding bootcamps offer creative marketing program that will get you all of the above within a couple months.

We’ll help you create a long-lasting brand for your business. Once you graduate the branding bootcamp, you will have:

  • An awesome logo
  • All of your basic marketing materials, professionally designed (including business cards, brochures, etc.)
  • A 2-3 page branded website with lead capture forms and Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t feel like DIY-ing your marketing following the Bootcamp, you can always reach out to us for coaching, consultation or any of our other ongoing marketing programs — including the graphic design subscriptions and website design and maintenance.

The takeaway

That’s a lot of information to take in, we have developed marketing programs that save you time and money compared to other agencies.

And if you’d rather try to DIY it first, then we have a ton of free resources available on our site.

Anyway, thanks for reading — and good luck with your launch!


Free Interactive Workbook

No one wants to spend time or money on marketing efforts that don’t work! This marketing workbook and guide will help you develop a strategy that brings results!

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