Industries that use graphic design subscriptions

The pressure is on to produce original, sharp-looking pieces of content — from digital graphics to print material.  But who exactly needs a steady stream of professional graphic design?

Here’s a list of five industries that should take advantage of professonal design services — which can be a gamechanger:

Restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and cafes

In the food and beverage industry, graphic design plays a larger role in business operations than you might think. Appearance matters — especially first impressions. Good graphic design helps a restaurant stick out from a crowd — especially in a city inundated with good food options.

Like any other business, these are the basics that every restaurant needs: a logo, business cards, signage and menus. Baseline brand materials help customers remember the restaurant and they’re key in motivating customers to step foot inside.

In addition to branding basics, restaurants have other unique needs for graphic design, such as wall menus, rack card menus and happy hour table tents. Then there are other limited promotional marketing materials to attract crowds: direct mail postcards, coupons, social media ads, Instagram story graphics, flyers, etc.

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How can professional graphic design set a restaurant up for success? Here are some ideas to pique your interest:

  • Trifold brochure to go menu
  • Drink menu
  • Promotional flier
  • Table tent
  • Facebook and Instagram food graphics
  • E-newsletter graphics
  • Google ads 
  • Gift certificates
  • Coupons
  • A magazine advertisement

Want to get ahead of your competition during down economic times? Here are some great ways to stand out from other restaurants:

  • A customer reward card
  • A recipe card to send home with customers
  • A thank you card for customers
  • A t-shirt design to sell to your customers for added profit
  • An ad for delivery apps
  • Google ads
  • Social media graphics
  • A to-go menu design to send home with or to mail to customers

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers need the following foundational marketing pieces:

  • business cards,
  • letterhead,
  • flyers,
  • listing presentation templates,
  • PowerPoint or Google Slide Deck,
  • social media ads
  • and even a mailer.

With so much competition in today’s real estate market, REALTORS or real estate brokers with an established business need quality design to stand out. Professional graphic design means make producing eye-catching, branded content easier, including:

  • A new brochure design with featured listings of the month
  • A postcard or thank you card mailer to send out to a mailing list
  • A newsletter header design to start a new email newsletter
  • A blog header or blog page thumbnail design to start a new blog
  • A new Facebook cover photo design
  • One or two downloadable PDF designs to add to the website — such as checklists for your clients with information about what to know about buying or selling
  • New social media graphics or ad designs
  • A fun, simple infographic design explaining the buying or selling process

Submit Design RequestsGraphic Design Packages

Professional, convenient, flat-rate graphic design

Medical offices, hospitals, medical spas, eye specialist, dentist offices …

If you’re in charge of marketing and communications for a healthcare-related business, you know there’s a great deal of material that comes out of your office. The medical practices we have worked with regularly need medical pads, appointment reminders, ads in local publications, educational materials and more.

How much easier and less time consuming would it be if you could plan ahead and submit all of those projects in one fell swoop? With our secure design portal, it’s an easy process to submit a design request, upload your materials and speak with a dedicated project manager who ensures your projects are completed to satisfaction.

Need a new flyer to hang in the lobby? We can design that.

Need a new handout to give to patients explaining updated COVID-19 safety protocols? We’ve got you.

How about a social media graphic explaining new office hours? An ad featuring a new medical service or procedure? A cool infographic making a complicated procedure much easier for the patient to understand?

Here are some design projects ideas:

  • 1 new flyer design
  • 1 new handout design
  • 2-3 social media ads with info on new hours, services, procedures, etc.
  • 1-2 infographics explaining a procedure or service
  • An educational sign in patient exam rooms that list COVID-19 symptoms and ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • A brochure packed full of information about your medical facility,
  • A flyer or handout design with information about the flu shot

Tourism-related businesses, chambers of commerce, business development organizations

Tourism is one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic — which means eye-catching marketing materials are more important than ever. How can a graphic design subscription help?

Most cities, towns and counties have certain COVID-19 restrictions in place. Is there a mask mandate? Is social distancing required? Do restaurants, stores and other businesses have to follow more stringent cleaning protocols than normal? Whatever new mandates and safety protocols are in place, tourists and residents need this information — so they know what the rules are when they come visit and as an extra incentive to encourage them to visit at all.

While many people are afraid to travel, marketing materials can help ease their fears. Here are some typical graphic design projects that marketing or public relations for a tourism department or chamber of commerce might use:

  • A flyer explaining new COVID-19 safety protocols
  • A brochure highlighting why your area is a safe place to visit during a pandemic
  • A mailer telling potential visitors that you’re open for business and to visit your website for the latest COVID-19 safety information, events, etc.
  • Social media ads and graphics highlighting safe events, things to do, restaurants and local businesses
  • A flyer for local businesses to hang on their doors/windows highlighting COVID-19 safety protocols and mask mandates

Hotels and short-term and long-term vacation rental companies

If tourism is having a tough time, business is likely equally difficult for hotels and vacation rental companies. In many cities throughout the United States, hotels were shut down longer than any other type of business — even longer than hair salons, barbershops, restaurants and retail.

However, we’ve seen many hotels, short-term rental companies like AirBNB, VRBO and smaller, local services coming up with creative solutions, including offering discounts and free room upgrades for essential workers and front-line workers such as doctors, nurses and military members. They’re also posting signs about their cleaning and sanitizing procedures that keep their guests safe.

For either of these marketing messages to make a difference, it takes eye-catching graphic design. Here’s what a month could look like:

  • New social media ads and graphics featuring discounts and safety protocols
  • An infographic highlighting extra cleaning/safety measures in place
  • A “COVID-19 safety” brochure with details about extra measures put into place, plus any changes to normal services/amenities
  • A flyer to hang in the lobby of the hotel or on the door of a rental unit with any new rules/mandates/protocols
  • A postcard with grab-n-go breakfast options for hotels, or listing a few local restaurants with delivery or food delivery apps for a rental unit
  • A sticker to place on any complimentary toiletries included in the hotel room/rental unit
  • A thank you card design to leave in each hotel room/rental unit

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