What is a Creative Work Plan?

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Marketing campaigns that are ineffective or average at best typically are the result of a lack of planning and strategizing. Whenever we have a new client, campaign or creative, our team uses a Creative Work Plan, a document that is part of our disciplined strategy in the marketing development process. While aesthetics are important for any quality campaign, a Creative Work Plan also focuses on information that will lead to results, including:


Description of Product or Service


Differentiating Factor


Ideal Customer Profile or Target Audience


Call To Action


Marketing Objective

A Creative Work Plan defines directions and guarantees delivery of objectives

Whether it’s a print ad campaign, a social media contest, a drip e-mail series or even a brochure, a Creative Work Plan helps you get the most Return On Investment for time and money. 


What do you want to achieve from this promotional campaign? How does it align to business goals?


Who is the ideal customer? What are their challenges and pain points? 


What is the overlying message you want to leave with your audience? What is the call to action?


What makes this product/service better than what’s currently on the market? How does it help solve a problem?

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