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How many people wake up excited to do their job — even before their morning cup of coffee? As hyperbolic as that reads, the Bragg Media team brings this level of enthusiasm for all of our clients, no matter the size of the project.

Bragg Media uses a holistic inbound marketing approach that combines digital and traditional strategies to generate qualified leads, to convert leads to customers and to inspire customers to become promoters.

Hiring Bragg Media is not an expense to my business, it is an investment.  An investment that has given me a bigger ROI than I could have imagined.

Brent Nelsen

Barbers of the Lowcountry

Who does Bragg Media work with?

At Bragg Media digital marketing agency, we strive for long-lasting relationships. Some examples of our typical clients include:

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Branding is a process that doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s also the most important marketing service businesses need. From brand identity graphic design to brand awareness marketing strategies, the Bragg Media team lays the foundation for success.

Graphic Design

When it comes to doing business, first impressions matter if you want returning customers. The Bragg Media design team will take your business to the next level with high-quality print and digital graphic design services.

Public Relations

Public relations is an important piece of the puzzle because it brings your business earned awareness in print and online. As former journalists, the Bragg Media team knows how to tell a story and has established a network of responsive journalists and editors.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most prominent social media outlets your audience uses to interact with businesses. Bragg Media combines research, strategy and good storytelling to attract, engage and delight your audience. 


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of Bragg Media’s inbound marketing methodology, because it stimulates interest in your brand with free, helpful and no-fluff content your audience craves. With blog articles, email marketing, social media, videos and more, our experienced team builds brands while generating leads at the same time.

Email Marketing

Imagine a tool that educates qualified, segmented leads about your products and services while nurturing them at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Enter email marketing. Bragg Media email experts can serve up engaging email content that will keep your audience interested and away from the “unsubscribe” button.

Inbound Marketing

When businesses put the marketing power in the hands of their customers, they create an opportunity to generate leads, to convert leads to customers and to turn customers into promoters. Inbound is a proven methodology with staying power; and it’s a philosophy that is the cornerstone of how we operate.

Web Design

Do you pay for your website or does your website pay you? Bragg Media’s marketing team creates high quality web design married with digital marketing that includes keyword research, Search Engine Optimization and a custom traditional and digital approach. Our web team has one goal in mind: attracting and engaging new customers. 

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The Bragg Media

Inbound Marketing Approach

Today’s audience does not have the attention span or the trust for in-your-face direct mail, spam emails and interruptive ads. It’s our goal at Bragg Media to attract, engage and delight your audience through a holistic, data-driven approach that generates leads, converts them to lasting customers and inspires them to be brand ambassadors.
Here’s how we do it:
We build trust. In an age of skepticism, people crave authenticity. Our team finds ways to tell your story while providing something your audience will love. We publish no-fluff content in the right place at the right time, so your marketing is relevant and helpful, not interruptive.
We have a custom approach, not cookie-cutter.  Each business is different, which means we design plans and strategies to produce the results you deserve with multi-channel marketing that reaches your audience where they want to be. How? We use marketing automation, keyword research, calls to action, social media, email marketing, landing pages and more.
We create quality content using engaging marketing. There are cracks in traditional marketing methods because technology is ever-changing, the competition for attention is fierce and your audience already knows what they want. To grow a successful business, marketing must be entertaining, honest, helpful and, most of all, customer centric — because happy customers are the ultimate promoters.
We protect your return on investment. You can dump thousands of dollars in pay per click ad campaigns competing for eyeballs or you can reach qualified leads with an organic approach for less. But how do you know if your marketing is working? That’s where we come in. We track and measure results so we know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Average cost per lead for outbound: $346
Average cost per lead for inbound: $135

Why Inbound Matters



Audience skip TV ads


Unsubscribe from emails


Direct mail is never opened


Consumers have exited a webpage because of a pop-up ad

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Our Story, Briefly

Bragg Media is a full-service inbound marketing agency that has brought long-lasting results for businesses and organizations since 2007. 

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